1-Month Meals Ready-to-Eat Supply

1-Month Meals Ready-to-Eat Supply

  • No Cooking Required
  • Great Selection of MRE Entrees
  • Military Contracted Manufacturer
  • 1-Month Supply


90 Entrees (Variety of 7-12 of the following): Beef Stew,
BBQ Chicken,
Chicken with Rice,
Vegetarian Chili,
Pinto Beans,
Beef Roast,
Buffalo Chicken,
Cheese Tortellini,
Chicken Fajita,
Chicken Feta,
Chili with Beans,
Chili Macaroni,
Meatballs in Marinara,
Penne Pasta,
Sloppy Joe,
Spaghetti with meat Sauce,
Veggie Burger,
Chicken & Noodles with Vegetables,
Pasta with Vegetables in Tomato Sauce,
Macaroni with Beef,
Pasta with Garden Vegetables,
Southwest Style Chicken with Black Beans & Rice,

30 Drink Mixes
30 Crackers with Peanut Butter Spread
180 Desserts (Selection from the following): Fudge Brownie,
Oatmeal Cookie,
Pound Cake,
Marble Cake,
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake,
Strawberry Toaster Pastry,
Shortbread Cookie,
Chocolate Chip Cookie,
Fig Bars,
Frosted Brown Sugar Toaster Pastry,

30 Accessory Packs (includes):
Salt & Pepper,
Napkin, Wet Nap,

30 Flameless Heaters

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