Alpineaire Foods Vegetable Mix (Gluten Free) Reviews

Alpineaire Foods Vegetable Mix (Gluten Free)

  • Servings per container 2

The AlpineAire foil pouch outdoor foods are designed to provide a quick and easy meal for the outdoor adventurer. They offer a long shelf life, a generous serving size and include an oxygen absorber to maintain freshness. This Vegetable Mix pouch contains a medley of carrots, peas, onions, celery, red and green bell peppers, with no salt.

AlpineAire Foods Gourmet Reserves Blueberry Honey Granola With Milk — 26 oz

  • The Gourmet Reserves product line was developed in 1989 to address the needs for emergency preparedness
  • AlpineAire Foods

The Gourmet Reserves product line was developed in 1989 to address the needs for emergency preparedness. Gourmet Reserves is suited to meet the needs of individuals or organizations that desire to be self-sufficient during a situation where normal food supplies are not readily available. We use our familiar, great tasting pouch recipes as well as everyday staples that are practical and easily incorporated into the daily diet. The food systems are formulated to sustain one person for a variety of months and or years. All systems are assembled to supply both long and short-term food storage needs.Our exclusive “just-add-water” Gourmet Supreme™ is easy to prepare with no cooking required. Items featured include, “eat-as-is” or just add hot and/or cold water for re-hydrating.All system and individual items are packaged in #10 cans (approximately one gallon) or #2 1/2 cans (approximately one quart). Our cans are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with food grade enamel coating on the inside. A “state of the art” oxygen absorber is placed in each can to insure the very best shelf-life. All systems will also come with 1 plastic lid per item at no cost. Many Gourmet Reserves entrees require no cooking, simply add hot water. Sauces and seasonings are included and pre-measured. Compare cost. With Gourmet Reserves you are getting full food value. Serving sizes are generous and filling.

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