Mount Hagen Organic Instant Decaffeinated Coffee, 25-Count Single Serve Sticks (Pack of 4)

Mount Hagen Organic Instant Decaffeinated Coffee, 25-Count Single Serve Sticks (Pack of 4)

  • Made from 100% highland Arabica coffee beans
  • Available in individual packets; no machine required
  • The box is designed with a pop-top recloseable lid for easy storage
  • Convenient, great for small famlies, travelers and campers
  • Packed in Germany

Mount Hagen instant organic coffee is organically grown highland coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. It is the first certified organic freeze dried coffee in the world. Mount Hagen is 100% organic certified by EcoCert in accordance with the organic standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Mount Hagen has been carefully selected and separately harvested to bring you the highest quality, mild and naturally rich in flavored coffee. The freeze-dried coffee process is achieved without the use of any form of preservatives or additives. Our coffees are from plantations of the best cultivation areas in the world. These highland coffees are quarantined to be organically grown without the use of any artificial chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Decaffeinated Coffee is made using the CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process. In this patented process, the natural carbon dioxide is used under subcritical conditions i.e. in a liquid state at (relative to the supercritical process) low temperature and pressure. This process makes sure the compounds responsible for the flavor and taste development in the roasted coffee are left practically intact. This reduces any health risk since the coffee is contacted only with 100% safe substances: the chemically inert, completely evaporating, carbon dioxide and pure water, allowing Mount Hagen to offer a high quality, 99.99% caffeine free instant decaf coffee to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

Miso-Cup Reduced Sodium Soup, Single-Serve Envelopes in 4-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

  • Pack of 12 1-ounce boxes, each containing four single-serving envelopes (total of 12 ounces, 48 servings)
  • Mix with tofu and light/dark miso featuring 68% less sodium than standard Miso-Cup soup
  • All-natural freeze-dried mix flavored also by onions, mushrooms, parsley, and green onions
  • 84% USDA organic (miso, tofu, parsley); vegan; no saturated fat/cholesterol; no MSG or gluten
  • Product of USA

Made with organic miso. The original. Natural and instant. Freeze-dried instant Just add hot water 68% less sodium. Gluten free. Four single servings. To make reduced Sodium Miso-Cup, our miso craftsmen age certified organic soybeans and organic rice with a special starter culture. Sea salt is used to regulate this natural aging process. Next, we freeze-dry the fresh unpasteurized organic miso ti retain its maximum benefits. We add select natural ingredients including organic tofu (another great soy food) to make Organic Miso-Cup complete. Much like yogurt, miso is considered to be a living food, That is why Edward & Sons takes extra care to use costly freeze-drying methods which maintain, as much as possible, the naturally occurring living cultures for which fresh miso is prized. Miso-Cup boasts a rich, satisfying flavor which may replace meat or poultry as the foundation for soup, stews, or gravies. Since Miso-Cup is a vegetarian soy food, it is totally free from cholesterol and saturated fats and is a source of isoflavones. Product of USA.

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