Mountain House Wraps Variety Pack 4 Cases 24 Pouches

Mountain House Wraps Variety Pack 4 Cases 24 Pouches

  • Fill a tortilla, flatbread or pocket bread, Pile into a bun
  • Pour over rice or pasta
  • Top a salad
  • Scoop up with tortilla chips
  • Enjoy straight out of the pouch

Convenient, satisfying meals are now easier than ever with NEW Mountain House Wraps! High in protein, these nutritious fillings make a delicious, healthy meal.
The Mountain House Wraps are the perfect addition to your emergency food storage supply. You can enjoy, Mountain House Wraps uses only the finest ingredients and made with real meat. You can depend on Mountain House to provide you and your family with superior quality and taste.

Eversafe MRE Full Meal Kits with Heaters – Case of 12 (Civilian MRE)

  • Made with genuine Military Grade MRE components by the same company manufacturing MREs for our troops serving in the US Military
  • Each Full Meal is contained in an air tight, water proof, bug proof, tamper resistant, clear polly bag.
  • Case of 12 Full Meals averaging 1200 calories per kit / 6 Types of Delicious Meal Kits Included
  • Foil entree packaging may be boiled for heating but not necessary, A Flameless Meal Heater is included in each kit, just add water.
  • *NOT for vegans or people with food allergies – Meals May contain meat, peanut, dairy, soy, wheat, etc.

Wornick is the largest supplier of individual and group feeding rations to the U.S. and international militaries. They also provide global humanitarian and disaster relief rations for governments and non-governmental organizations. Wornick is a technological leader in making the best tasting, ready-to-eat shelf stable food that has a long useable shelf life at ambient conditions in flexible, non-canned packaging.

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