Natural High Cheese Enchilada-Serves 2 Reviews

Natural High Cheese Enchilada-Serves 2

  • Meatless
  • No-cook entree
  • Masa flour (made with whole grain corn, safflower oil and a trace of lime), precooked long grain rice, freeze dried cheddar cheese, soy flour, barley flakes, wheat starch, sour cream powder (cream, nonfat dry milk, cultures, cultured nonfat dry milk, citric acid), spices, onions, pepitas, molasses powder, tomato powder, salt, paprika, whey, cocoa powder, garlic, freeze dried green peppers, citric acid
  • Serving Size: 88.6g
  • Serving per Container: 2

Natural High® Cheese Enchilada meal offers you a quick and easy warm meal that’s easily carried with you. Simply place the pouch of food in boiling water. This recipe features a delightful blend of soft tortillas, Mexican seasonings, rice and aged cheddar cheese.

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